xHTML Core Development

From a simple novelty in the 1990s, Websites have transformed to be a critical requirement in today's social and commercial environment. nHaus is a leader in website design and creation. We go beyond the simple, traditional, cookie-cutter builds most companies offer.

Striving to go beyond cutting-edge, we adhere to advanced techniques and modern web standards in building our websites. Also, our websites are mobile device compatible which enables anyone to access and view.

nHaus is a platform for web development for a variety of complex and sophisticated enterprise level applications in several domains. Our methodology for web development emphasizes on Analysis, Planning, Design, Implementation, Promotion, and Innovation.

As one of our primary services we offer custom software design and development. We acquire an understanding of your business processes and business needs so that we are able to scope out and develop custom applications to streamline your internal and external business processes.

nHaus as a web development company specializes in various web technologies to build Dynamic Websites. The best combination of the web technologies like PHP, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Silverlight.

We provide a systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable approaches towards successful development of high-quality, ubiquitously usable web-based systems and applications. In particular, nHaus focuses on the methodologies, techniques, and tools that are the foundation of web application development and which support their design, development, evolution, and evaluation.