Digital Publication Solutions

Publish with Digital Ink. Ideas are no longer trapped on paper. ePublishing makes your message come alive through animation, interactive elements, and multimedia.

Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the norm. They are breaking from the idea of simply being expensive gadgets and turning into something truly essential for modern life.

As such, many businesses will have to rely on experienced ePublishers to reach out to smartphone and tablet owners, via apps, documents, and the like.

nHaus has specialized in providing different ePublishing services for two of the most popular smartphone platforms and tablets on the market today: iOS and Android. From animation, interactive elements to multimedia, our team of highly skilled and creative team can do the task with excellence.

nHaus is an experienced technology company with clients based across North America, as well as in Europe and Asia. Our vast experience in serving publishers allows us to offer a dedicated service unit for the digital publishing industry.

We have an experienced team of conversion specialists providing digital e-book services that would allow you to publish any eBook in different formats including Amazon Kindle Format, Sony Reader format, iPhone Stanza format, iPad format. If you are still figuring out the basics of electronic book publishing and at the learning stage, we have an experienced staff that can help you navigate through the challenges of determining pilot e-book titles, making a budget, setting e-book conversion quality standards, even how to marketing e-books.