X-Platform Applications

nHaus understands how to harness mobile technology so your brand can pursue its full mobile potential without risks or boundaries. Let us worry about new hardware requirements, operating system updates and rich user experiences while keeping your costs and resources low. You focus on delivering new mobile experiences that empower your customers and employees.

Whether it's increasing customer satisfaction, streamlining business processes, deploying new revenue streams, or increasing productivity, nHaus has empowered hundreds of customers to capitalize on new multi-channel mobile opportunities.



Content Management makes your online life easy. With SITEMEE, we just make it a lot easier that you can image. Microsites. Social Media accounts. Blogs. And more.

Imagine using social media channels and Web 2.0 online assets to grow your online presence, business, and profitability. But because you have so many website addresses and accounts, things can get confusing and frustrating. What if you can update all your blogs, social media, and other assets in one place?

SiteMee is a content management system that acts as your central hub for all your online properties. It provides a simple and intuitive way to create, control, and monitor your internet-related content. It gives you the ability to create Micro-sites quickly and easily, without the need for programming skills.



The SaleSpace POS is an intuitively-designed Point-of-Sale system ideal for companies who want efficiency in their business. Developed under the Android platform, SaleSpace is easy-to-use and provides real-time access to vital company information such as current sales, inventory status, and revenue tracking via smartphone anytime and anywhere. You'll always on track with what is happening in your business. Furthermore, you will never be left in the cold as our friendly and knowledgeable customer support will assist your every inquiry in the spot.

Check out the available items in the system with a swipe of a finger. Can't find it? Use the built-in search feature. Easily print orders directly to the kitchen staff so they prepare what the customers want pronto. Take Cash or Credit payments via a secure card reader, implement discounts be it for individual or group settings, and email receipts to your customers on the spot.

SaleSpace gives you the stats whenever you need it. Up-to-date inventory tracking and management. Create items, receive orders, and set up customized triggers to alert you when to you need to reorder. Track your sales via item, date, and even by the hour presented in an easy-to-understand visual display. Provide your employees access to certain parts of the system pertaining to their job function. Generate reports based on different criteria of your choosing. All these and more courtesy of SaleSpace.

SaleSpace brings ease, convenience, and smarts at the palm of your hands. Literally.